HIgh Flying giraffe( Erich)

Today we did something very insane and interesting. My mates and I were walking through a winding passage, a tunnel that had shiny white tiles and a camera that was watching our moves. One of my mates stopped to check out the camera, I just kept walking, keen to get to my destination. I could hear their hooves clapping on the ground, clip, clop, clip, clop like a ticking clock.

My mates and I stopped walking. One of our friends ran wildly with excitement. I heard the rhythmic clip speed up to a snappy pace. As we reached our destination I sniffed the air and smelt a chemical waft of chlorine. I felt the nervousness rise. Butterflies flipping around in my tummy as I thought about the impending situation.

We came to a halt spreading out and forming a line. When it was almost my turn, I spotted my friend hanging upside down catching and flipping my friends into a deep pool. Each of my friends entered the water doing different acrobatic positions. Suddenly I am terrified, like a possum in the headlights. My turn next, I ran in fear. I jumped and asked my friends, “please catch me.” Instead, I bash into my friend’s strong protruding chin that helps me flip backwards all the way down, down, down into the pool. Splash! Head first.

After entering the water I felt the cool cold breeze through my furry skin. My pulse quietens down as I realise I am okay. I notice the calming sky blue water as I rise up out of the water. Gasping for air I surface out of the freezing shivery pool. My legs find it hard to move. I finally get out of the water and line up with my mates along the side of the pool. We bow our heads low and have a sneaky drink of the water at the same time.
I suddenly smile at the fun experience I just had.

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